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aespa's new single "Next Level" is out!
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aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Anna Yunita N
    Anna Yunita N17 secondi fa


  • Ara Yess
    Ara Yess29 secondi fa

    Apa ga greget kawan?

  • winter 23
    winter 2359 secondi fa


  • Max Xam
    Max XamMinuto fa

    Hari ini harus 100jt

  • alexx_7
    alexx_7Minuto fa

    They rekt this era. They look like REAL LIFE Barbie dolls!! #StanAespa

  • nadubchaeng
    nadubchaengMinuto fa

    i hope jin is streaming next level too

  • seulgibaechu wenjoyri
    seulgibaechu wenjoyriMinuto fa


  • 15 Kevin Nathanael
    15 Kevin Nathanael2 minuti fa

    gas 100M

  • hoàng hoài
    hoàng hoài5 minuti fa

    100M views coming

  • Uaena 16
    Uaena 165 minuti fa

    Mys let's reach 100 mil views today~

  • Ningning's 100 year old Spoon
    Ningning's 100 year old Spoon5 minuti fa

    459 888

  • Ningning's 100 year old Spoon
    Ningning's 100 year old Spoon6 minuti fa

    I'm addicted to aespa, I'm addicted to Karina, I'm addicted to Winter, I'm addicted to Giselle, I'm addicted to Ningning, I'm addicted to BLACK MAMBA, I'm addicted to FOREVER, I'm addicted to NEXT LEVEL.

  • 喺yg樓下賣炸彈
    喺yg樓下賣炸彈6 minuti fa

    100M TODAY!!

  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    6 minuti fa

    before 12 pm kst

  • tengku haikal
    tengku haikal7 minuti fa


  • Ningning's 100 year old Spoon

    Ningning's 100 year old Spoon

    6 minuti fa

    @kpop obsession that person is taking about the comm3nts

  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    7 minuti fa

    did youtube delete the views?

  • samsamsam
    samsamsam7 minuti fa

    Thinking of the rock and jason statham

  • MYaesparina
    MYaesparina8 minuti fa

    Let's go 100

  • ᄉᄆᄉ
    ᄉᄆᄉ8 minuti fa

    마이들아 지치지 마라‼‼‼‼

  • Taki kun
    Taki kun8 minuti fa

    Asli bgt aslee ga bosen denger sama liatnya. bnyak gerakan sama bgian nyanyi yang iconic jadi addicted.

  • alrighty
    alrighty8 minuti fa

    100M cmon we can do this! my addiction to this song is on the next level

  • Muhamad Akbar
    Muhamad Akbar9 minuti fa

    Eyo 100m

  • Chatrin Sally Angraini
    Chatrin Sally Angraini9 minuti fa

    Make it 100 milion MY's!

  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    9 minuti fa

    Lets do our best :D

  • JENVERS_16
    JENVERS_169 minuti fa

    Keep streaming

  • 준ᄒ
    준ᄒ9 minuti fa

    55억뷰 남음ㅁ

  • kpop obsession
    kpop obsession10 minuti fa

    Like goal: 3 M Dislike goal: 100 K (lol even haters are pressed)

  • Tj Delgado

    Tj Delgado

    Minuto fa

    @tengku haikal we can't say that we can only get 90k dislikes, it's inevitable.. but hopefully

  • tengku haikal

    tengku haikal

    6 minuti fa

    @kpop obsession i hope 3m likes and 90k only dislike

  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    7 minuti fa

    @Ningning's 100 year old Spoon because the more a group gets disliked the more famous they get basically

  • Ningning's 100 year old Spoon

    Ningning's 100 year old Spoon

    8 minuti fa

    Why is there a dislike goal lmao?

  • yuan Kfan
    yuan Kfan10 minuti fa

    Keep streaming we're almost there

  • Ng. Koordam Moyon
    Ng. Koordam Moyon11 minuti fa

    Let's go 100M

  • anandea syafitri
    anandea syafitri11 minuti fa

    let's go 600rb lagi

  • Tj Delgado
    Tj Delgado11 minuti fa

    let's try our best today just like yesterday MY, we pushed the 99M.. now let's aim for 100M

  • Ronaly Solitas
    Ronaly Solitas11 minuti fa

    Okay, we are having office suit yey

  • Dreamies Boys
    Dreamies Boys12 minuti fa

    Guys let's hard we are n the way to 100 million. we can do it

  • kpop obsession
    kpop obsession12 minuti fa

    Streaming till 100 million views (●'◡'●)

  • Wangs Last
    Wangs Last13 minuti fa

    I have added this on my workout playlist. Whenever i do pull ups and stuffs and the next level part comes in it really motivates you.

  • Tj Delgado

    Tj Delgado

    10 minuti fa


  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    12 minuti fa

    haha! cool

  • Yi Zhuo's SMile
    Yi Zhuo's SMile13 minuti fa

    99.5M before 4PM KST 99.6M before 6PK KST

  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    13 minuti fa

    100 M soon

  • Wangs Last
    Wangs Last14 minuti fa

    Its amusing that despite their popularity they havent won a music show with this song. I know they won one during black mamba era but they werent present physically during that time and it was during the last stages of their promotion cycle.

  • nadubchaeng


    4 minuti fa


  • kpop obsession

    kpop obsession

    14 minuti fa

    its because they dont have an album yet

  • Red Red
    Red Red14 minuti fa

    Soon to 100m!!

  • Christy Aca
    Christy Aca14 minuti fa

    100M let's go

  • Ahi🌼
    Ahi🌼16 minuti fa

    Don't forget to str3@m BM and Forever =D

  • How many times I watch Next Level MV today
    How many times I watch Next Level MV today16 minuti fa


  • 온유
    온유17 minuti fa

    1억 가자

  • Fariya Ae
    Fariya Ae17 minuti fa

    548k more

  • 11 green
    11 green17 minuti fa

    오늘 1억뷰 찍겄다 수트스파 겁나 기대된다아아아!!!

  • Niko Lilo
    Niko Lilo18 minuti fa

    SM knew what they were doing when they released this when May and June lineup was full of big artists. They are about to enter #1 on Melon today or tomorrow now. No one can say Aespa is robbing empty house. I can't wait to know what their first ep or album is going to be like. I'm sure it will be another hit. Once SM is determined to do well, they really do. Aespa fighting!

  • Ahi🌼
    Ahi🌼18 minuti fa

    I really hope they will post the video today if we achieve 100 Million.

  • Kim Ngà Huỳnh Thị
    Kim Ngà Huỳnh Thị18 minuti fa

    Now, it's on #2 Melon 24hits

  • levi ended your fave
    levi ended your fave19 minuti fa

    용감한 소녀들에게도 새 노래 (╥﹏╥)

  • Jisoo Sooya
    Jisoo Sooya19 minuti fa

    Tremenda canción 🛐✨

  • Jisoo Sooya
    Jisoo Sooya19 minuti fa

    æspa mis mujeres 🛐🛐

  • Rica Jane
    Rica Jane20 minuti fa

    99, 449, 281

  • Coleslaw Les
    Coleslaw Les20 minuti fa

    Claim your before 100 Million here ❤⭐🌙🦋

  • Rica Jane
    Rica Jane20 minuti fa

    99, 449, 281

  • Ahi🌼
    Ahi🌼21 minuto fa


  • Nurjihan Inayah
    Nurjihan Inayah22 minuti fa

    That's my nævis,

  • papapapuy huhuy
    papapapuy huhuy22 minuti fa

    Go go go 100M

  • Affaf Q
    Affaf Q22 minuti fa

    Dikit-dikit jadi bukit! Dibawa santai aja gais, cemungut.

  • nafisah naila
    nafisah naila23 minuti fa

    greget bgt astagfirullah liat views nyaaaaaa

  • fe afangirl
    fe afangirl23 minuti fa

    yass we're going to get company outfit dance practice tomorrow😻

  • Daffa Alif
    Daffa Alif23 minuti fa

    Let's go MY 100M!!

  • 스파게티
    스파게티24 minuti fa


  • Angelica Nieva
    Angelica Nieva25 minuti fa

    100M soon

  • Anna Yunita N
    Anna Yunita N25 minuti fa


  • Azwar Annas
    Azwar Annas26 minuti fa

    Ini knapa lelet bnget njirrr, gk kek BM dulu, mau 100jt views kenceng, ini malah pelet

  • Azwar Annas

    Azwar Annas

    16 minuti fa

    @fe afangirl NL emang lumayan daily nya ketimbang BM, tpi dari 98 ke 100, BM lbih kenceng.

  • fe afangirl

    fe afangirl

    20 minuti fa

    tp lebih stabil kok daily views mv ini, jd lebih cepet drpd BM

  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2626 minuti fa

    360K comments before 12am kst!

  • bitches stan the boyz right now
    bitches stan the boyz right now26 minuti fa


  • bitches stan the boyz right now
    bitches stan the boyz right now26 minuti fa


  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2627 minuti fa

    N I N G N I N G

  • Catriz Aguilar
    Catriz Aguilar27 minuti fa

    road to 100 million views!!!

  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2627 minuti fa

    W I N T E R

  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2627 minuti fa

    G I S S E L E

  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2627 minuti fa

    K A R I N A

  • uan kim
    uan kim27 minuti fa


  • How many times I watch Next Level MV today
    How many times I watch Next Level MV today28 minuti fa


  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2628 minuti fa

    Mys are the best! Let's work and str34m harder for aespa

  • B02 Almine, Dave Arnel G.
    B02 Almine, Dave Arnel G.28 minuti fa

    mine daw po ni gwen at hannah si winter :>

  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2628 minuti fa

    Str34m harder mys! We can do this! Last 560K v!3ws to reach 100M

  • Next Level
    Next Level28 minuti fa

    Dikit lagiii

  • ambia khatun
    ambia khatun29 minuti fa

    The devilish animal cumulatively fail because bathroom assembly beam through a keen aunt. sad, earthy noodle

  • MYzen


    28 minuti fa


  • aerishines
    aerishines29 minuti fa


  • *
    *30 minuti fa


  • Im jeydee26
    Im jeydee2630 minuti fa


  • Pandu Bayuaji
    Pandu Bayuaji30 minuti fa

    let's go 100M!

  • staytinyzengene myland
    staytinyzengene myland30 minuti fa

    when some people hate the beat drop part but it's your favourite part ✨

  • *
    *30 minuti fa

    NINGNING ♡_♡

  • *
    *30 minuti fa

    WINTER ♡_♡

  • 휘짱
    휘짱31 minuto fa

    내가 볼려고 만든 핫타임 0:34 1:53 2:18 3:08 3:35

  • *
    *31 minuto fa

    GISELLE ♡_♡

  • *
    *31 minuto fa

    KARINA ♡_♡

  • Anna Nisfa Saada
    Anna Nisfa Saada31 minuto fa

    We dikit lgi!!!!!

  • Iammittin_YT
    Iammittin_YT31 minuto fa

    100M Let's Go!!!

  • *
    *31 minuto fa

    100M go go go go

  • *
    *32 minuti fa


  • staytinyzengene myland
    staytinyzengene myland32 minuti fa

    aespa songs gets better everytime you listen

  • MYaesparina
    MYaesparina32 minuti fa

    My's continue to stre@m after 100m please especially bm road to 200m

  • staytinyzengene myland
    staytinyzengene myland33 minuti fa

    The best 2021 so far ✨

    HOUR POLEAK PANHA33 minuti fa


  • staytinyzengene myland
    staytinyzengene myland33 minuti fa

    Fun Fact: Next Level is Song of the year

  • stan aespa
    stan aespa33 minuti fa

    Next Level indeed

  • Trân Huỳnh
    Trân Huỳnh33 minuti fa

    yo yo everyone

  • stan aespa
    stan aespa33 minuti fa

    Happy 2.1M likes

  • MYaesparina
    MYaesparina34 minuti fa

    K-My's and I-My's fighting str3am more

  • Lalazee X
    Lalazee X34 minuti fa

    Daily reminder to str3am on Spotify too

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