JOY 조이 '안녕 (Hello)' MV

JOY's Special Album "안녕 (Hello)" is out!
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💚'Je T’aime' Live Video:
💚 '좋을텐데 (If Only) (Feat. 폴킴)' Live Video:

01 안녕 (Hello)
02 Je T’aime
03 Day By Day
04 좋을텐데 (If Only) (Feat. 폴킴)
05 Happy Birthday To You
06 그럴때마다 (Be There For You)

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JOY 조이 '안녕 (Hello)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Romina Vazquez
    Romina VazquezMinuto fa

  • Jeon Hyunggyun
    Jeon Hyunggyun3 minuti fa

    영상에 나오는 차량은 04년식 '기아 봉고3 미니버스'입니다. The vehicle shown in the video is the 'KIA Bongo 3 Minibus'.

  • 팬걸링
    팬걸링15 minuti fa

  • tHể LùN Tí Tít
    tHể LùN Tí Tít18 minuti fa


  • did i stutter?
    did i stutter?26 minuti fa

    someone said this song makes you feel like a main character and i think that’s why everyone loves this so much

  • 신정훈
    신정훈28 minuti fa

    아ng 녕~!

  • 김또깡
    김또깡30 minuti fa

    리멬 잘뽑긴했네 근데 난 원곡이 더 좋은것 같아 이게 나쁘단 소린 아니야

  • 호두
    호두32 minuti fa

    와 약간 90년대 노래 느낌도 나면서 너무 좋네...

  • Joyce Rhian Laurenciano
    Joyce Rhian Laurenciano33 minuti fa


  • Endah Zulistiawati
    Endah Zulistiawati40 minuti fa


  • Bella mx
    Bella mx42 minuti fa

    goodbye oh oh oh

  • Yewouna !!
    Yewouna !!44 minuti fa

    Suaranya Joy merdu+cute banget-!!

  • asiahjes
    asiahjesOra fa

    makasih embak joy jjadi semangat denger lagu iniii😭

  • Kamila Khalisa
    Kamila KhalisaOra fa

    JOYYYYYY 💚💚💚💚💚

  • 可爱Him
    可爱HimOra fa


  • Marina leffy
    Marina leffyOra fa

    Me: when RV comeback on August. 🍉щ(TдT )щ 🍉

  • Fernanda Moreno
    Fernanda MorenoOra fa

    I love you joy

  • GoldLuvie
    GoldLuvieOra fa

    I am soooo proud of my queen 👑

  • Roel Guillermo
    Roel GuillermoOra fa

    레드벨벳이 이번 8월에 컴백한다고 확정지은 레드벨벳은 강한 흥분을 줄였다.

  • Soo Young
    Soo Young2 ore fa

    °AD$ are very important while stre4ming.. we need to be more patience I mean: if no •AD$ may not counted,

  • Reveluv BTOB
    Reveluv BTOB2 ore fa

    10,424,304 11:40AM KST 1M likes

  • ً ً
    ً ً2 ore fa


    AURORA2 ore fa

    I smiled so much I thought my cheeks were gonna fall off, I love joy🌸😭🌟

  • Daz
    Daz2 ore fa

    still listening to this I LOVE YOU JOY

  • Ella Cabrera
    Ella Cabrera2 ore fa

    Hello, Joy. 💚

  • twinniequeen18
    twinniequeen182 ore fa

    After covid reallly ends, this is the song i wanna sing out loud 😂

    JOYTAEJAE2 ore fa

    Please keep streaming even though it's already 10M

  • Judith Cardenas
    Judith Cardenas2 ore fa

    love you joy!

  • agustini dwi
    agustini dwi2 ore fa

    Too much uwu things in this MV.. I wanna cry..

  • Kajal Thakur
    Kajal Thakur2 ore fa

    Everyone don't stop please keep str3@ming bcz we have to get 15M please.. Fighting

  • Marjolyn Bullo
    Marjolyn Bullo2 ore fa

    akala ko si jayzam yung nasa pic

  • Quynh Luong
    Quynh Luong3 ore fa

    Perfect song

  • REG.A/0215101051/CHINDY WISYAE
    REG.A/0215101051/CHINDY WISYAE3 ore fa

    조이는 여전히 레드 벨벳의 컴백을 기다리고 있습니다.

  • i am
    i am3 ore fa

  • baebyshoney
    baebyshoney3 ore fa

    10,414,922 06/18/21

  • Aditiya Dvn
    Aditiya Dvn3 ore fa


  • Ariana Pereda
    Ariana Pereda3 ore fa


  • Vân Lam
    Vân Lam3 ore fa

    Pretty ♡

  • sad miraclo
    sad miraclo3 ore fa


  • Chindy Wisyae
    Chindy Wisyae3 ore fa

    조이는 여전히 활기 차다 레드 벨벳 컴백을 기다리고있어

  • JoyismyQueen12
    JoyismyQueen123 ore fa



    Time to uplift my mood.

  • Syifa Ayu
    Syifa Ayu4 ore fa

    This song sounds cheerful and happy, I listen to it over and over again, until I realize the lyrics then I shed a tear for this one so hardd. It feels like someone says all the lyrics to me, also me trying to get up again after getting a really sad result on SBMPTN :( Thank u, joy! For cheering and transfer ur spirit through this song

  • Jihan Haryani
    Jihan Haryani4 ore fa


  • kim park soo
    kim park soo4 ore fa

    Siapa masih streaming????

  • kim park soo
    kim park soo4 ore fa

    I love u joy

  • kim park soo
    kim park soo4 ore fa

    Joyyyy miss u

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    je t’aime

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    i will always love you joy

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    my queen park sooyoung

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    she looks so beautiful

  • Ale Rv
    Ale Rv4 ore fa

    Only you park sooyoung 💚

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    lonely days, all goodbye

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa


  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    park sooyoung our tone fairy

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    congratulations for your solo baby

  • JOYLO💚🎶
    JOYLO💚🎶4 ore fa

    i love you park sooyoung

  • 니니
    니니4 ore fa

    조이랑 어울리는 곡으로 잘 선택해서 리메이크 편곡도 상큼하넹..🥺

  • RevelOrbit
    RevelOrbit4 ore fa

    This brings me a lot of joy

  • Khairul Izham
    Khairul Izham4 ore fa

    Masih semangat gais? Trendingnya turun sampe 24 loh klo di indo 🙂

  • Rifka Aprili Yanti

    Rifka Aprili Yanti

    51 secondo fa

    Yuk up up up

  • Chika Natalia
    Chika Natalia4 ore fa

    Candu lagunya:)

    NO SANA, NO LIFE4 ore fa

    If you are feeling down, you should listen to this song.

    NO SANA, NO LIFE4 ore fa

    Oohh I like it

  • Yong Sun Kim
    Yong Sun Kim5 ore fa

    Visuals are serving

  • luvgirl
    luvgirl5 ore fa

    joy you are my joy our joy

  • gennabazrah
    gennabazrah5 ore fa

    Trending #24 Views 10.404.941 Date 18/06/2021

  • chie91 z7
    chie91 z75 ore fa

    Enak banget suara Joy lembut

  • Y HU
    Y HU5 ore fa


  • teslaaa
    teslaaa5 ore fa

    this song is so nice and uplifting

  • Kate Hazel
    Kate Hazel5 ore fa


  • Kate Hazel
    Kate Hazel5 ore fa


  • آلـكيــبوب فن لآ حرب🦋
    آلـكيــبوب فن لآ حرب🦋6 ore fa

    I heard it for the second time and i become Obsessed

  • Isabelle Warrican
    Isabelle Warrican6 ore fa

    Real question: Did joy really just abduct someones child off the street

  • 꼭꼭
    꼭꼭7 ore fa

    알고리즘에 몇 번 보여도 공백 기간이 길어 한 번 들여다 볼 맘 잡기가 어려웠는데 오늘 가게에서 이 노래 듣고 진짜 깜짝 놀랬네,, 음색 미쳤고 편곡 개상큼하네 ㄹㅇ

  • Nelitzaehgegg gee enhehebevReyes
    Nelitzaehgegg gee enhehebevReyes7 ore fa

    Joy you look so pretty in this vid!❤️🥺

    PARK SOO7 ore fa

    103k more lets reach 10.5m today

  • styhnqe
    styhnqe7 ore fa

    Bugunluk bu kadar yeter gorusuruz askim

  • styhnqe
    styhnqe7 ore fa


  • محمد ملایی
    محمد ملایی8 ore fa

    I love joy♥️

  • Estela Weasley
    Estela Weasley8 ore fa

    Esta canción es mi canción!

  • cherry_soft.t_tutorials
    cherry_soft.t_tutorials8 ore fa

    diganme pq me puse a llorar si no se coreano JSBDBHSA, creo que es pq Joy es mi bias y estoy muy orgullosa de ella. *cry*

  • Maria Somenzi
    Maria Somenzi8 ore fa

    Love this!💖

  • Mass Deer
    Mass Deer8 ore fa

    girl why did she have to appropriate NA culture like ????? there was no reason lmaoooo this mad corny

  • Soo Young

    Soo Young

    2 ore fa

    read more articles and search more in different sentences. then react like. okay thank you very much

  • allok dallok

    allok dallok

    3 ore fa

    @Mass Deer These elements are from Jeju culture. Not all culture is American you know? All the people in this music video are real Jeju residents and at the end of the music video when the girl returns home, she returns to her actual family and their traditional home. Joy herself is from Jeju and asked to film their. I highly suggest you do your research before coming for Joy and her team. Such stupid brain you have their aye

  • allok dallok

    allok dallok

    3 ore fa

    @Mass Deer dude, dreamcatchers are everywhere. They are seen in movies. Even in my house we have dreamcatchers and im not even that a part of your culture thing

  • Mass Deer

    Mass Deer

    3 ore fa

    @allok dallok dream catchers are objiwe origin, Tipi literally means “they dwell” in Lakota language

  • allok dallok

    allok dallok

    3 ore fa

    @Mass Deer Culturally sensitive especially regarding defamation of Native Americans with the US and the power that carries iver to ither countries overseas? Whats the point in that? When the people in the video are actual JEJU PEOPLE LIVING WITH THAT CULTURE, SO THE QUESTION IS ARE YOU MOCKING THE JEJU CULTURE?

  • Aprizal Official
    Aprizal Official8 ore fa


  • 。Sr.Kim。
    。Sr.Kim。8 ore fa

    Caramba que música perfeita,EU AMO A MÚSICA E A JOY,E ISS,AMOR!!!

  • Subrina Mishu
    Subrina Mishu9 ore fa


  • Subrina Mishu
    Subrina Mishu9 ore fa


  • Akihiko Hr
    Akihiko Hr9 ore fa

    I want to hug her angelic voice T-T

  • Subrina Mishu
    Subrina Mishu9 ore fa


  • Akihiko Hr
    Akihiko Hr9 ore fa

    It's so cute and lovely uwu

  • Lin 🌼
    Lin 🌼9 ore fa

    This Song fits Joy perfectly, nice solo debut 💚💚

  • Ma.eleonor Gonzales
    Ma.eleonor Gonzales9 ore fa

    I'm proud of you❤️😭

  • Ma.eleonor Gonzales
    Ma.eleonor Gonzales9 ore fa

    I'm proud of you❤️😭

  • Ma.eleonor Gonzales
    Ma.eleonor Gonzales9 ore fa

    Iloveyou joyieee❤️

  • Subrina Mishu
    Subrina Mishu9 ore fa


  • Subrina Mishu
    Subrina Mishu9 ore fa


  • Сиджени
    Сиджени9 ore fa

    Почему так мало просмотров?!

  • hannah raes
    hannah raes9 ore fa

    This song is so bright and fun. Perfect summery song

  • Rashmi Magar
    Rashmi Magar9 ore fa


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